MoneyScience™ is a new patented system developed by over 120 experts in data science and financial services.

The MoneyScience™ Algorithm.

It’s really 34 algorithms, with top-grade bank-level security. MoneyScience™ was developed by experts in data science and financial services and tested on over 50,000 users.

Radically personalized.

MoneyScience™ is built to be tailor-made. The system researches each user’s individual spending habits and evaluates the fastest, smartest ways to meet their individual goals.

Automatically simple.

MoneyScience™ does it all automatically, making payments and creating budgets, always optimized for savings. It even adjusts automatically when users’ finances change.

100+ years of combined experience in Personal Finance + Data Sciences.

Avi Patchava

The Money Scientist

Avi has three Masters’ degrees from the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics. He is an experienced data sciences expert with 11 years in data science research and data science products. He has built data science systems in banking and financial services as well as several other industries such as retail, advertising, automotive and manufacturing.

He was a leader in McKinsey’s Advanced Analytics practice, working with companies in the US, UK and Asia. He has also served as Vice-President of InMobi’s Data Sciences and Machine Learning teams.

Petko Plachkov

The Money Architect

After graduating from Princeton, Petko built his career in financial services with McKinsey & Company and Resolution Capital. Petko is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in banking and financial services. He has built and launched financial technology products in the US and Europe.

Most recently, before Norvik SA, Petko built and launched a consumer lending company that helped thousands of commuters in Europe lower their costs and realize substantial savings.

Alexander Seyfert

The Product Maker

Alex is a consumer product builder with a decade of experience at major brands. He’s been a frontline leader, growing product and growth teams at Amazon, Yahoo! and elsewhere.

As a senior product manager, he spearheaded the Product Growth team at Amazon, serving 55 million subscribers. Previously, he kickstarted Yahoo’s Mail Growth team, serving 300 million active subscribers.

Carolyn Deng

Director, Credit Teams

Varun Modi

CTO and Co-founder

Jay Merwade

SVP, Support Services

Avinash Ramakanth

SVP, Engineering and Co-founder

Jon Roemer

Head of Learning and Content

Amit Bendale

SVP, Data Sciences and Co-founder

Eshan Mathur

Senior Product Manager

Thomas Martino

Head of Product Marketing

Alexey Ivashentsev

Product Design - Manager